Cansu Gözde Karadeniz (2016) -Indoor Positioning of Beacons Using Raspberry Pi 2 with Bluetooth Low Energy
In this project, existing positioning methods were examined and reviewed. An indoor positioning method and system are proposed using BLE technique (with the aid of nRF51822 from Nordic Semiconductor). A locationing accuracy of ~2m is obtained by the end of the project.

Ali Baran Dursun (2016) Design of a Microstrip Filter with large Bandwidth, 2 Ghz to 4GHz
In this project, a microstirp filter operating from 2 Ghz to 4 Ghz is desined, fabricated and characterized.

Deniz Tunç Şafak (2016) – Home Automation and Security System Design
In this project, a low cost and reliable home security system is designed using Raspberry Pi 3. In this system, several sensors (like humidity, pressure, temperature, motion and gas) are used. Different scenarios are defined to the system to be able to follow the pre-defined cases.

Kerem Satı (2016) – Sensor Beacon Design
In this project, a beacon system is designed using Arduino Mega, that receives and evaluates the values from temperature sensors and broadcast them via Bluetooth to a central station.

Hakan S. Uzun- Burak Toprakseven (2012)- Design and Realization of a PSoC Education Kit
In this project, a PSoC Education Kit is designed and manufactured (named as RED kit– ). Basically, with the aid of this kit, students may perform various scenarios. (e.g. driving a LCD dispaly, memory card, controlling a step motor, etc. using PSoc))

Emre Pirnar (2012) – Design of a people counting system using PIR sensors
In this project, a people counting system is designed in order to count the people in given area. The collected data is transferred to a central system.

Adem Yılmam (2012)-Wireless Energy Transfer
In this project, a custom made energy transfer setup is prepared in order to lit a bulb

Alperen Hasanoğlu- Nurullah Çekiç (2012) Industrial Robot Arm control via mobile phones
In this project, an interface is designed in order to control the movement of a robot arm.

Busra Tas (2012) Design and Realization of a Smart Classroon using RFiD
In this project, UHF RFiD based Smart classroom is designed. Basically, with a given (pre-programmed) RFiD tags, student attendance will be performoed automatically.

İlyas Yalvaç (2011) Digital AM Radio Receiver Design using FPGA (SDR)
In this project, FPGA based digital AM Receiver have been developed on Altera FPGA Development Kit. Flexibility and stability advantages of the FPGA based systems have been used to design a simple communication system. I

Can Ozan Yazıcı (2011) Drunk-Driving Prevention System Design
In this project, drunk driver detection system has been designed. MQ303 as alcohol sensor and pic 16F88 as micro controller are selected as key components. By analyzing the breath samples from the driver, when the samples are over the legal limits defined, the designed system prevents the ignition of the car.

Cihan Başokutan (2011) Electronic Smart Menu Design
In this project, an electronic smart menu suitable for restaurants and cafes is designed. cap-Sense buttons are used to select the menu items on the LCD display. The designed systems used a PSoC chip as microcontroller.

Ozgur Bostan (2010) RFiD System Components Design
In this project two types (linear and circular) of antennas and a middleware circuit for multiplexing RFiD reader antenna ports have been designed, manufactured ans testes to reduce the cost of RFiD system implementation. By using designed multiplexer, unnecessary use of extra RFiD readers is prevented. This will reduce the cost of overall system design.

H. Ulvi Aydoğmuş (2010) System Design with Cypress PSoC
In this project, architectures, specifications and advantages of different PSoC device families have been investigated, and a 125 kHz RFID reader system have been designed by using a commercial RFID reader module and a CY8C-001 PSoC development kit. External component requirement and cost of system was minimized using PSoC microcontroller.

N. Tuğba Yeter (2010- in Turkish) Multipleexer Deisgn for UHF Readers
In this project, main components of an RFiD system are investigated and a multiplexer module is proposed using pin-diodes.

Gökmert Yapakçı (2009) RFiD Smart Inventory Systems Application with Increased Read Point
In this project it is aimed to decrease the costs of the system by designing new antennas and by studying on designing an antenna multiplexer which will reduce the number of readers to be used and two different software which are able to communicate over wireless network are developed, one for warehouse control and the other is to store control.

Selin Ayşe Baştaş (2008) Transimpedance Amplifier Design
In this project In-P based BJT transimpedance amplifier for optoelectronic integrated circuit is designed. Before the design various TIA topologies and the topology trades are examined. Additionally the feedback structures are also discussed. Throughout the whole project how to make high frequency circuit design with a computer program, Microwave Office, is practiced. Cut off frequency of the npn transistor is measured as 200 Ghz and maximum oscillation frequency is measured as 230 Ghz. A transimpedance amplifier has been designed with a bandwidth of 12.7GHz and transimpedance gain of 54.4 dBm, with computational and the plots are given as results.